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Visual Memory Tablet – Language of the Heart

Visual Memory Tablet - a shorthand notation for referencing Human memories
Visual Memory Tablet


In VM NOTATION, the word “Skin” would be “{2,1}A +4”. The first letter (“S”) is mathematically just a second Recurrence of A, so represented as “{2,1}A” – where 1 represents the Sequence of the letter “A” in the alphabet; and since the string has 4 letters, we put +4.


Visual Memory NOTATION (VMN) is a shorthand method of referencing memories stored in the brain. It can increase speed of recall.

Buddha posited the theorem of Suffering for his disciples. As for the tradition I follow, there is a saying in it that there is one organ in the body, that if it is ailing – the entire body suffers, and if it is strong the entire body is healed. This organ is the Heart; or as I understood now: the organ for “meta learning”.

To enable learning at warp speed and solve Earth’s intractable problems, I used a little known Mathematics principle to develop a shorthand method of referencing memories stored in the brain. I have developed an Excel macro to translate English words into this logical notation.

This Mathematics rule is as follows: if you add the digits of ANY number, no matter how large; they resolve to the digits 1 to 9.

For example: the number 583. If you add the digits: 5 + 8 + 3 = 13 + 3 = 16 ⇒ 1 + 6 = 7.

A statue of Buddha
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  1. ALPHABET NUMERICAL EQUIVALENCE: Letters of the English alphabet can be represented by the numbers 1 to 26.
  2. RECURRENCE: Now, instead of needing 26 Letters – we just need 9 Letters. We represent recurrences by 1 OR 2. For example, N is letter 14 ~ which resolves to 5. Therefore, N is a Recurrence of E and can simply be represented as {1}E. E, itself, would be {0}E.
  3. SEQUENCE: The letters A to Z are in Mathematical Sequence, and this is represented by the y-value of the Cartesian Coordinate System. The y-value for N is 5; so its notation becomes {1,5}N.
  4. NOTATION: Each word can be represented by its First Letter and Length. The word “nice” is: “{1,5}E +4”.
  5. VARIABLES: First letters that are non-alphanumeric are represented by Pipe ( | ).

The advantage of this system is that you are always using, basically, just 9 Symbols to represent any Word. Further, at a more advanced level you could represent a whole sentence in the same way OR a whole chapter or book or even physical buildings. This can potentially enable Photographic (Visual) Memory. The probable method of achieving this is to apply the Separator (/), and grouping strings based on their Lengths (Pantheons).

In database indexing, it is known that if you divide a random set of cards into suits; then looking for a particular card becomes quite a few times faster (the number of flips needed becomes less). In our VM NOTATION, we have taken 26 disparate elements and divided them into 9 pre-existent groups, hence increasing the speed with which memories stored in the brain can be indexed.

The Separator, /, further enables endless grouping. Forming distinct groups is the job of the Brain.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0, by Salman Shuaib.


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