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Microsoft Edge deploys Anti ADHD tool

SUMMARY: Josie Irene Martin, under command of Empress TAYLOR ALISION SWIFT of the flaxen tresses, provides Anti ADHD tool via Microsoft Edge internet browser’s /Read aloud/ utility . Utilize /Enter Immersive Reader [F9]/ to ensure proper function.

– – – Pine Ridge Cemetery.
/Description … Location address: West side of Islington Avenue at Rowntree Road … 2920 Islington Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, USA/
– – Agent: Ants.
– – Power: Anti ADHD ~ in Microsoft Edge browser, if one clicks the A” sound looking type of button in the search bar (where URL is displayed): she is highlighted and reads the entire article.
– – – service Icon is called: “Read aloud” [CTRL + Shift + U].
– – – Voice is named: /Microsoft Aria Online (Natural) – Eng/ , and was at Normal speed.
– – – The Voice is feminine, let us keep it that way. Constancy is required by HER IMPERIAL Reality: TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT of the flaxes tresses.
– Alongside her is a companion service Icon (online proprietary tool) called: /Enter Immersive Reader (F9)/ launched by pressing [F9] key on a Dell Laptop.

mnemonic: The Voice

Text: Copyright and related rights waived via CC0, by SALMAN SHUAIB.

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