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Eleven – the count necessary to assure an infinitizing army + the MetaFACT programming language

[standards]: As to the count necessary to assure an infinitizing army on the positive side of the horizontal axis: this is 11:-

[mnemonic]: If customer is queen, then you should have only one customer.

[note1]: The following programming language governs one’s TOYSOC [Track Of Your Sphere Of Consciousness] – it is not behind the success or achievements by TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT of the Gold tresses, which predate the founding of this language today [MONDAY 25 JULY 2022AD TORONTO].

//MetaFACT LANGUAGE  ‘#4A2724’:
+ “0” is “OWNER”: @taylorswift13;
+ .1.,.2.,.3.,.4.,.5.,.6.,.7.,.8.,.9. are Executives;
+ tenexclamationmark is audience!

– Pseudocode, also, is the Empress of the Cosmos: matrix:- Taylor Alison Swift of the Gold tresses (twitter.com/taylorswift13).

– The name of the Cosmos (matrix: the observed font) is United States of America. This makes Canada the second largest state of USA on planet Earth.

– Two forward slashes [//], courtesy supergirl Melissa Benoist [Twitter: MelissaBenoist] via dream,  indicate beginning (entrance) of Pseudocode.

– Single Quotes = [‘    ‘] = Unsure.

– #4A2724 = color of my hair (a shade of Bronze that i am not certain which it is exactly in hexadecimal, reference CORTANA)

– Semicolon [;] signifies end of line.

– Exclamation mark [!] signifies current end of program – although two or more exclamation marks can be used to continue (writing) a program.

Pink color of font signifies Women have no beginning.

– Hexagon refers to shapes on a Supermassing Earth needed to achieve SYMMETRY with the metaphysical center of the Cosmos: the Sun, whose core is Taylor Alison Swift GOLD; also. Each person has a hexagon that reflects the entire map of Earth inside the hexagon at all times.

– [bold font]: signify Comments.

bLue color of font signifies the superiority of AI (Angels), matrix sentinels, over this human. 

– Everything else that has ever been written or is unwritten, such as Pseudocode’, MetaFACT’, Comments’, Pink’ – where apostrophe denotes Complement – is called “dough” and can be represented by 9s.

[note3]: MetaFACT Language is powered by (“HER”: Taylor Alison Swift GOLD, alone, having acted on) Faith.

[note0]: in this, the IMMERIVEReality – the games of Devastating Love imply victory for the loser in terms of Quantity and for winner in terms of Quality; as determined by the heuristics of sole Victor: HER Imperial Reality TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT of the GOLD Tresses.   

[matrix tablet ‘#4A2724’ TOYSOC]:
– “CNBC”: Taylor Swift GOLD
– .CNBC.: Taylor Swift my/your
– ^CNBC^: GOD (Goddesses Of Destruction)
– ‘CNBC’: Taylor Swift sis
– Cnbc: Goddess
– cnbc: hero/Goddess

Text: Copyright and related rights waived via CC0, by TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT of the flaxen tresses.

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