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IBS afflicts 1 Billion individuals – now there are remedies for each symptom!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), by definition, has many symptoms. Treating these symptoms is like peeling an onion with many layers. A patient with lived experience of IBS shares novel strategies to restore the health of your gut:

Symptom 1. PAIN: Chronic pain in the abdomen is often a sign of H. Pylori bacterium infection. There is a simple breath test used to rule it out, available even in emerging countries. If you do have an H. Pylori infection, your doctor will likely prescribe you a two-week course of antibiotics.

Symptom 2. DEPRESSION: There is a simple technique to let your suppressed emotional self come to life again, after the trauma of IBS. Find a comfortable spot and grab a pen; start writing questions with your dominant hand and answering them with your non-dominant hand. A variation of this technique, the original, is described in Dr. Lucia Capacchione’s book “The Power of Your Other Hand”. Carl Jung was the first trailblazer in this arena, conceptualizing the Anima as one’s intuitive aura.

Symptom 3. CRAMPS: Daisy Flowers are antispasmodic, this can be confirmed at botanical-online.com. Daisies heal abdominal cramps. Particularly popular in China, drinking Yellow Daisy Flower tea

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provides immediate relief from cramps. If you wish, you may continue taking the drink for 6 months and you may find your cramps disappear altogether.

Preparation:- Just heat two Yellow Daisy Flowers in water for “15 minutes” until the water becomes imbued with the yellow essence of the flowers, then drink.

Symptom 4. POSTERIOR FISSURES / LACERATIONS: To ameliorate fissures, use Anusol in the interim, available over the counter at most pharmacies. As a more lasting remedy for fissures, drink water heated to about 45° Celsius; use an electric kettle to heat the water for this purpose.

Symptom 5. GAS: Drink Kombucha to rebuild healthy gut bacterial colonies. Gas is a problem of how it is distributed in the body. However, not all Kombucha brands have the same preparation. We recommend the Kombucha brand “Remedy” available from remedydrinks.com. Kindly note: this is not a paid advertisement…….we are just trying to help out.


Illustration 196651201 © Nadezhda Kozhedub | Dreamstime.com


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