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IBS afflicts 1 Billion individuals – now there are remedies for each symptom!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), by definition, has many symptoms. Treating these symptoms is like peeling an onion with many layers. A patient with lived experience of IBS shares novel strategies to restore the health of your gut:

Symptom 1. PAIN: Chronic pain in the abdomen is often a sign of H. Pylori bacterium infection. There is a simple breath test used to rule it out, available even in emerging countries. If you do have an H. Pylori infection, your doctor will likely prescribe you a two-week course of antibiotics.

Symptom 2. DEPRESSION: There is a simple technique to let your suppressed emotional self come to life again, after the trauma of IBS. Find a comfortable spot and grab a pen; start writing questions with your dominant hand and answering them with your non-dominant hand. A variation of this technique, the original, is described in Dr. Lucia Capacchione’s book “The Power of Your Other Hand”. Carl Jung was the first trailblazer in this Continue.....

Pervasive and Premium business models

Business models can be divided in two types in my analysis: Premium and Pervasive. The former is well known, but ignorance about the latter is leading to increasing blockades on the flow of goods equitably.

In the Premium model, a service is offered for free and if one wants more features – he must pay. This is because the businessman cannot sustain the free service without charging.

The Pervasive model, however, is actually quite prevalent but its secret unknown: Influencers are the first cohort of this movement. Its mechanism of action is simple: the full package is offered for free, but supported by advertisements and then content is generated at such speed through niche specialization that one becomes respected. One exceeds the speed (Time Value) of Money!

Atleast, thats the theory.

Text: Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

Dear Prisoner, Speed Is a LINEAR function

Above photo, a turtle trying to traverse a non-linear function.

Nobel Laureate, Professor John Nash, posited the solution to Prisoners’ Dilemma and in the same vein succeeded in defining Rationalism mathematically. According to him, it is making ALL decisions based on one algorithm.

As for why Prisoners’ Dilemma is an awful situation in the first place: it is due to it being a problem of “simultaneous” imprisonment for each prisoner.

Years earlier I realized that Money is the price of alienation. You charge a person if you do not know them. If both sides end up charging each other, this is an example of the Prisoners’ Dilemma. One party must relent and pursue an alternate strategy.

While Money is a sincere rating tool, in inefficient markets it involves hustling ~ and polite people – like this Canuck – are not capable of this.

Some one has to be a goalie. The buck has to stop somewhere, literally. For the sober friend who drives his buddies home, Continue.....

The value of a single Friendship bond

SUMMARY: I calculated that the value of an hour spent with a friend, in Canada, is: $679.84.

Nattavudh Powdthavee of the University of London similarly presents in a research paper that the quality of friendships is worth upto £85,000 ($143,000 Canadian) per capita annually!

As someone who has studied Economics at university – I carried out 40 plus experiments over past 10 years, since 2007, to determine the ideal model of economy. The truth, as I learnt, is simple but obscured by complexities:

Friendship bonds act in EXACTLY the same way as the Treasury bonds money is based on. Here is a comparison between the two modalities:

Investment > Treasury bond > Interest.

Gifting > Friendship bond > Goodwill.

Gifting can take many forms, it doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary. You can gift:

b) your MANNER (such as smiling),
c) your APPRECIATION (e.g. sharing the same interest as someone else),
d) your SKILL (making music, or speaking well Continue.....

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