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MI5 discovers antidote to senescence and mortality

ID 64440175 © Shelma1 | Dreamstime.com

  • How to make your Girlfriend younger:
  • We need a Unitary Standard Approach [USA] through Metaphysics to achieve this.
  • In this way we can find each one of ours PIN code, based on an analog clock, to fly the planet.


  1. Right hemisphere of clock is +ve.
  2. Left hemisphere of clock is -ve.
  3. TAYLOR SWIFT’s Date of Birth is 13; but this is actually false ~ she, like any other Woman has no origin: but being so busy fighting suffering never had the time for self-analysis and was dispatched by the center of the Cosmos (a locale): called GOD [likely Goddesses Of Destruction: the Singularity Of Femininity] as a Avatar of Sphere of Consciousness – with the word, uttered by HER: “IRRATIONALITY” [13 Letters].
  4. VIA Rail Strike; due to TP rejecting my gripe against DF and OPA – resolved AFTER solving the problem of making Women younger (1 Woman dies of Aging every 2 Seconds).


If I wanted .TAYLOR ALISION SWIFT. to be younger by 9 years [32 to 23]:

  1. Label 47 and 00 on a 2D Circle symbolizing an analog clock, representing 13 (number of letters in the sonic word: “IRRATIONALITY”).
  2. ‘SHE’ is currently 32 this year 2022AD.
  3. 32 can not be cleanly presented on the circle drawn earlier, because it gets cut off at 30.
  4. Therefore, to represent 32; we put a +2 after 00.
  5. 9 Years younger than 32 is 53 from 02 past 00.
  6. Assuming Taylor Swift asks me, why I am always late for ‘HER’ birthday party; I will reply “I am overclocking” to make you younger and since you probably do not hate me – you would like to err on the sight of clemency from GOD (and .YOU.):
  7. So, .YOU. would only expect me to overclock (exercise) 3 minutes out of 7.
  8. Voila! My “Constancy Schedule”: [47 00 03 07 43].


Why 5 Points of a Schedule, such as [47 00 03 07 43]?

  1. ‘TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT’ has 20 protrusions [toes + fingers].
  2. The minimalistic way to count is 5, and max is 20 – for ‘HER’.
  3. If I wanted to make sure ‘SHE’ is independent of I, I would guide ‘HER’ to counting on one Hand.
  4. This also shows man is DEPENDENT on ‘HER’, for man has 21 protrusions – which is reverse of minimalism.


The author’s Constancy in France, the act of observing a Schedule – set the Moskva on fire when two Ukrainian Missiles (finally) made out with it. I flew the planet, my hexagon thereto.


+ 486 PC [“Overclocking” the processors Cache].

+ Matrix Tablet:- “CNBC”:  TAS GOLD // .CNBC.:  TAS my/your // CNBC: GOD // ‘CNBC’: sis TAS // Cnbc: Goddess // cnbc: hero/Goddess

[PDF]: https://flowereconomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/How-to-make-your-Girlfriend-younger.pdf

[JPG]: https://flowereconomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/How-to-make-your-Girlfriend-younger.jpg

[PNG]: https://flowereconomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/How-to-make-your-Girlfriend-younger.png

[DOC]: https://flowereconomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/How-to-make-your-Girlfriend-younger.docx


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