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Affecting Unemployment Rate via Allied Game Theory

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SUMMARY: As the System exclusive a person is vast monetarily, therefore even one cent saved to the System equals billions of dollars.

Allied Game Theory

Following is the Gordian Paradox of Economics – if a multitude buys a good, its price goes up; therefore the multitude cannot afford the good.

The conventional solution is to compete for money and accumulate a larger sum than others.

However, as Bayazid Bistami found, there is an alternate solution: if, taking turns, parties eat lesser of a common pizza (money), there is more for the other party. This leads to both parties feeling for one another, alliance forms, economies of scale occur and prices fall for every one.

Personal Leverage Factor (PLF)

Let’s assume there is an industrialist Lawrence with a net worth of $50 Billion USD and he is the richest person on the planet. And let’s assume regular person Jason’s net worth, due to his credit cards, is $1.

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Would you agree there is a difference between the industrialist’s net worth and Jason’s? Yes. So, we agree there is a “vacuum” between the industrialist and Jason – there is a difference in “monetary” height.

However, according to the Pop Can Implosion Experiment – a physical vacuum cannot exist. Metaphysically too, since the universe is located inside one’s brain*, a vacuum cannot exist. As there is no vacuum possible – Jason has something, if the industrialist Lawrence does.

Now, the solution for Zero Sum games is that when one property increases, the other decreases. An Essay has detail, but a Poem has more beauty:

{Money, Money’}.

Money’ here is Power. Lawrence – the industrialist has Money; Jason has Power.

What does Power specifically mean here? It means, when Jason – the regular person – spends a Dollar, it carries much more weight than Lawrence, the industrialist’s Dollar. It is as if Jason’s Dollars are generals and Lawrence’s are sergeants (both necessary).

A crushed can demonstrating the Pop Can Implosion Experiment
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Here’s the formula for Jason’s Personal Leverage Factor [PLF] – the value of each Dollar he spends:

PLF = Net Worth of Richest Person / One’s Own Net Worth.

Therefore, since Jason’s Factor is 50 Billion, his $1 is worth $50 Billion. Now, why is this power not apparent and how do you use it.

Note that for the purposes of this equation, one can decrease his available Net Worth by loaning out money – reducing his liquid assets, e.g. by buying Guaranteed Income Certificates in Canada. This ensures one’s PLF does not decline as his Net Worth rises.

Saving J’ (the System)

J’ here means the system extrinsic to you.

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If you were to render a service without charging; you are saving the system an amount times your Personal Leverage Factor (PLF).

Since money (saved) is governed by three-month treasuries; straight Neoclassical applies here, and less money spent by the System equals lower systemic inflation.

Higher Interest Rate => Lower Disposable Income for the Indebted => Less Spending OR Work More => Lower Inflation OR Lower Unemployment Rate, respectively.

Less money spent by J’ is also sine qua non of higher interest rates, which means lower Disposable Income for the working class and so they work more. Unemployment Rate falls, more people become employed. Therefore, you can – essentially – manifest a job by volunteering.

When volunteering, meeting existing market demand is the true proof of efficiency versus the magnitude of systemic savings required to manifest a job.

Summing up, the secret to effecting system-wide Deflation is to not charge for (i.e. volunteer) your services. If you charged – then the consumer spending on your service times their PLF cancels out the money saved to the System.

*We are each running a copy of the universe in our brain, much like a decentralized Bitcoin ledger.

Text: Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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