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Network Value of Interaction
Capturing the intangible value of interactions.


We want Volunteers, particularly in Toronto (Canada), to know that their efforts are appreciated and possess a value – termed “Goodwill” (from society); as also in GAAP accounting.

The above graphic illustrates how our Report calculates the Dollar value of your volunteered Hours.

Essentially – in our calculator from Calconic.com, we are just multiplying your volunteered hours with the current Average Hourly wage from TradingEconomics.com.

However, this is only possible due to the Goodwill in our economy – e.g. between friends, relatives and colleagues. It is uncaptured value; that is, for the foregoing statement in bold italic to be true – you have to assume that people provide stuff they do not use or have extra of, for free.

For example, I have listed a few items on our Toronto page – for volunteers.

Yours truly,
Salman Shuaib
+1 416-708-4344




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