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How Social Enterprises can navigate Information Overload

SUMMARY: Essentially, herein a strategy to create Brand Awareness via a low budget WOM technique that funnels Subscriptions to your Social Media outpost.

1. Buy a Cheque Book.

2. Determine a small amount of money, e.g. $5, that you intend to offer, to impress someone to visit your online content.

3. Write the Cheque.

4. Put a QR code to your YouTube Channel, using this Tutorial, on your Business Card.

5. Write a brief letter titled “Channel Report”, without making any Commitments or Demands, to be sent out alongside the Cheque.

6. Mail out these three things (Cheque, Letter, Business Card) – starting with sending to, e.g., 20 chosen Family Members and Friends. Keep sending every month to the same individuals, as long as you can afford. If you live in a country that has a great exchange rate differential with Third World countries, then know that your Dollar goes a long way there.

7. This is where Social Media can connect to your Offline setup, via Social Media’s Event modules. Advertising Dollars would finance Events arranged via Social Media, and Social Media can pay Event Organizers; just like they pay Online Content Creators (Influencers).

– What we call “Business” is actually, at its basis, a Wild Subscriber Forest.
– The CONTENT exists of its own accord. Therefore, the CONTENT owns itself and IS the CREATOR or OWNER.

– CONTENT flows to one based on how good he is at Promoting (Selling) CONTENT.
– Subscriber count is dependent on CONTENT (CREATING), Team (Sharing), Promoter (Recruiting) and Viewer (Searching).


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