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Thoughts on Information Overload

As an economist, I am flabbergasted by the extent of this disequilibrium: between Information Supply and the Consumer (you) not getting paid to digest this Information [as per the simple law of Economics – the Competitive Equilibrium, discovered by Adam Smith: if Supply exceeds Demand, Supplier pays Consumer.

The Social Media platforms out there have done a fantastic job offering free services to an indebted society. I mean, to me, Mark Zuckerberg should head United Nations; there are around 2.7 Billion members of his platform as of the second quarter of 2020.

But even still, our Computer Science brothers behind Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn et al are still only paying the Content Creators (the Influencers, the popular gals and blokes from high school).

Why shan’t we pay the Subscriber. I calculated, few years ago, that a Friendship Bond is worth $679.84 Canadian per hour. Instead of a random stranger through Advertising, why not I – as a Content Creator – pay my Friend $$ to subscribe to my Channel and grow a “Wild Subscription Forest” locally with its tentacles spreading to every part of the world.

Keep in mind, when Supply exceeds Demand; it is ideal for the Supplier to have as few Consumers as possible – focusing on Quality. For if, lets say “International Newspaper” – which is not selling Content, but rather Subscriptions (placebo) that win it Advertising Dollars – then if these Subscribers actually read the Content: the Advertiser will pay more to “International Newspaper”.

A classic case of the Cherry (placebo/widget/Subscription) being worth more than the Cake (Content), is Vitamins. Generic Medication and mass manufacturing, IMHO, made Medicines so oversupplied; what you are actually picking up from the local supermarket is for all intents and purposes a placebo, but it WORKS: due to the power of Passion (Belief/Interest/Ego) that non-students of Jung and Nash will underestimate [there being three elements of the decisionmaking universal Nash Equilibrium, I am about to posit through a video: PASSION, Compromise, Budget].

This means, to me, that Social Media’s next mutant leap is online to offline ~ via their Events modules that bring together LOCAL hobbyists, friends, issues – a disruption of consciousness that will coincide with many other revolutions unleashed by America’s victory against the Third Reich in the 2nd World War. Thank you, USA! Once more, from the bottom of my heart whose tears shed this December 1st 2020AD like the snowfall underway in Toronto right now! Shudder to imagine, America-haters, what would happen if the Third Reich had won?

Another peaceful Toronto December, snowfall.

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