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Month: December 2020

How Social Enterprises can navigate Information Overload

SUMMARY: Essentially, herein a strategy to create Brand Awareness via a low budget WOM technique that funnels Subscriptions to your Social Media outpost.

1. Buy a Cheque Book.

2. Determine a small amount of money, e.g. $5, that you intend to offer, to impress someone to visit your online content.

3. Write the Cheque.

4. Put a QR code to your YouTube Channel, using this Tutorial, on your Business Card. Continue reading.....

Thoughts on Information Overload

As an economist, I am flabbergasted by the extent of this disequilibrium: between Information Supply and the Consumer (you) not getting paid to digest this Information [as per the simple law of Economics – the Competitive Equilibrium, discovered by Adam Smith: if Supply exceeds Demand, Supplier pays Consumer.

The Social Media platforms out there have done a fantastic job offering free services to an indebted society. I mean, to me, Mark Zuckerberg should head United Nations; there are around 2.7 Billion members of his platform as of the second quarter of 2020. Continue reading.....