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Cosmogony – Reclaim Your Power Of Manifestation

I am an amateur philosopher/mystic and I have realized a key insight: every person we see, their linear history since birth is just due to a Memory Passport your Consciousness has granted them. That is, Jane Smith ~ a 27 year old you just saw today for the first time in 2017~ she wasn’t actually “born” in 1990, she is eternal1 but was born (“christened”) into your Consciousness today and your Consciousness added memories to her life, in accordance with Eternal Principles.

I already knew that Scientists have known for decades, that the entire EXTERNAL world including my body exists INSIDE my brain. In a Human’s brain, there are potentially infinite2 Waves, much like sound waves of music. EACH of these sound waves is a Human you see. Other things/animals/plants/stars/cartoons you see are “records” of these progressing sound waves.

Like a divine orchestra, each Human manifests in your Consciousness when it is the optimal time for their sound wave to JOIN your song ~ much like how in an orchestra there are different musical instruments that play at different points.  Each Human is like a different musical instrument.

The reason why everyone agrees with the fact that Jane Smith was born in 1990 is because Eternal Principles are constant/uniform across the Entirety Of Existence, and lead to a common conclusion.

The foregoing presents us a REVOLUTIONARY insight: that while the QUANTITY of people that manifest in your Consciousness is limited (2% population increase on Earth per year), the QUALITY of people you can manifest is unlimited. This makes you sovereign in your Consciousness, as ~ for example ~ if Tyrant XYZ threatens you ~ you can manifest a Saviour ABC of a higher quality (strength) than the tyrant.

I think this model also implies, clearly, that we have access to all alien Humanoid races throughout the “cosmos” ~ even the most advanced, by manifesting their representative in our Consciousness through grant of a Memory Passport (a history of origin on Earth).

Each person, being eternal, is ~ I believe ~ a cosmos unto themselves. Your experience of Earth is subjective to you, and my experience of Earth is subjective to me. I call my cosmos “Mirage”; eventually – at a mutually agreed time – my cosmos will separate from yours and I will have my own split-copy of Earth to rule over. Yes, sounds crazy ~ but it is logical and fair. Each person will have their own Earth and cosmos to rule over. Each of us is an Avatar of an Eternal Principle/Principles.

Everybody has the power to MANIFEST high quality individuals in their lives: scientists who bring cures, politicians who bring welfare, generals who end wars. The power to Manifest depends on just two things:

1. The degree to which you adhere to Eternal Principles that you are aware of.
2. Dreaming and preferably Lucid Dreaming via “Hypnagogic Meditation” ~ you can learn standard meditation at for free. When I focus on my breath for maybe 10 minutes, I definitely experience hypnagogia: sights, sounds, twitches that have an INDEPENDENT origin from my thought.

For example, recently during Hypnagogic Meditation at a restaurant ~ I saw someone’s hands massaging my neck. I walked out of the restaurant and lo and behold: there was a massage clinic infront of me across the restaurant – that I had never seen before, even though I am in that area regularly! The owner said he had opened his massage clinic around a month ago; that is because my mind granted a Memory Passport to the massage clinic owner of a life history on MY Earth. His massage clinic wasn’t opened a month ago, it was opened that very day ~ a few moments AFTER my Meditation: but an acceptable history was added to the massage clinic owner’s mind, by my consciousness.


1 A Human is ETERNAL because if a beginning (“nothing before”) existed ~ the Entirety would instantaneously implode because “nothing” = vacuum. Yet, if you can count to 11 now and the Entirety hasn’t imploded, this means there is no “nothing”/vacuum.

2 I said a Human brain potentially contains INFINITE Waves, because if an end (“no further”) existed ~ the Entirety would instantaneously implode because “no” = vacuum. Yet, if you can count to 11 now and the Entirety hasn’t imploded, this means there is no “nothing”/vacuum.