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Month: March 2017

The value of a single Friendship bond

SUMMARY: I calculated that the value of an hour spent with a friend, in Canada, is: $679.84.

Nattavudh Powdthavee of the University of London similarly presents in a research paper that the quality of friendships is worth upto £85,000 ($143,000 Canadian) per capita annually!

As someone who has studied Economics at university – I carried out 40 plus experiments over past 10 years, since 2007, to determine the ideal model of economy. The truth, as I learnt, is simple but obscured by complexities:

Friendship bonds act in EXACTLY the same way as the Treasury bonds money is based on. Here is a comparison between the two modalities:

Investment > Treasury bond > Interest.

Gifting > Friendship bond > Goodwill.

Gifting can take many forms, it doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary. You can gift:

b) your MANNER (such as smiling),
c) your APPRECIATION (e.g. sharing the same interest as someone else),
d) your SKILL (making music, or speaking well Continue.....

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