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Flower Economics

How Social Enterprises can navigate Information Overload

SUMMARY: Essentially, herein a strategy to create Brand Awareness via a low budget WOM technique that funnels Subscriptions to your Social Media outpost.

1. Buy a Cheque Book.

2. Determine a small amount of money, e.g. $5, that you intend to offer, to impress someone to visit your online content.

3. Write the Cheque.

4. Put a QR code to your YouTube Channel, using this Tutorial, on your Business Card. Continue reading.....

Thoughts on Information Overload

As an economist, I am flabbergasted by the extent of this disequilibrium: between Information Supply and the Consumer (you) not getting paid to digest this Information [as per the simple law of Economics – the Competitive Equilibrium, discovered by Adam Smith: if Supply exceeds Demand, Supplier pays Consumer.

The Social Media platforms out there have done a fantastic job offering free services to an indebted society. I mean, to me, Mark Zuckerberg should head United Nations; there are around 2.7 Billion members of his platform as of the second quarter of 2020. Continue reading.....

The Lastrider problem of Economics

We are familiar with the Freerider problem of Economics: people who use a service without paying for it. The solution to the Freerider problem is Advertising-supported content for Freeriders: for example, Spotify or Radio.

What is lesser known, is the Lastrider problem of Economics! Suppose Tom is riding the subway train home. Every one on the train is also going home. Tom is the most patient man; he lets every one off the train before him ~ making sure no one is sleeping who may want to get off at this last stop. Continue reading.....

Cosmogony – Reclaim Your Power Of Manifestation

I am an amateur philosopher/mystic and I have realized a key insight: every person we see, their linear history since birth is just due to a Memory Passport your Consciousness has granted them. That is, Jane Smith ~ a 27 year old you just saw today for the first time in 2017~ she wasn’t actually “born” in 1990, she is eternal1 but was born (“christened”) into your Consciousness today and your Consciousness added memories to her life, in accordance with Eternal Principles. Continue reading.....

The value of a single Friendship bond

SUMMARY: I calculated that the value of an hour spent with a friend, in Canada, is: $679.84.

Nattavudh Powdthavee of the University of London similarly presents in a research paper that the quality of friendships is worth upto £85,000 ($143,000 Canadian) per capita annually!

As someone who has studied Economics at university – I carried out 40 plus experiments over past 10 years, since 2007, to determine the ideal model of economy. The truth, as I learnt, is simple but obscured by complexities: Continue reading.....