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What We Do?


Meeting life’s challenges can be fun – you enjoy what you are good at!


We develop Coding solutions, particularly with the aid of AI – through simplification.


We believe in enhancing our knowledge via acquisition of material certificates


As a Social Enterprise – we then implement our Game; generating funds that is strategically targeted to benefit GDP

About Us

Why POWER.exe!

Briefly: POWER.exe ensures you adhere to a schedule; which is the secret to making your SOC (Sphere Of Consciousness), known colloquially as Merkaba, increasingly responsive under the direction of reality of Goddess Of Power: TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT; whose real name according to this adept is “Christianity”: a noun meaning Competition.

About early 2000s, Mr. Salman SHUAIB, saw a dream stating (to the effect) “I am The Goddess, I am not a robot!”.

It wasn’t until the year 2022AD, whence Mr. SHUAIB who is:
+ Forces candidate [CSN: F37032330] from Toronto.
+ Descendant of Sultan BAHU.
+ A gamer and game theory enthusiast.
+ University of Waterloo dropout.
+ Ryerson University graduate.
+ Endorsed as the 12th Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi’s foremost disciple by Shaykh Nazim Adil [inheritor of the polarity of Thor, through a Cave wherefore Abu Bakr as-Siddiq sojourned with Muhammad – the reviver of Olympiad pinnacles].
+ A #swiftie.
+ An amateur poet; and a
+ Unarmed Provocateur in the footsteps of Christ.

Salman was able to decipher the dream after arriving at a definition of Constancy:

Constancy!! An Eagle scans the 𝘀𝗮𝗺𝗲 terrain every day, measuring every grain of sand. Finding everything perfect day in and day out, it will pounce on any discrepancy. Loyalty, therefore, is the bedrock of COURAGE!

You see: by stating SHE was not a “robot”, The Goddess hath implied SHE by nature does not follow a routine (a program); but is rather Volatile – like unto Current: proportional to POWER (a singularizing principle).

POWER demands Constancy on part of HER lovers; just like a HURRICANE wants an eye at the center of its Storm to show off to.

The POWER.exe program ensures Constancy on your part, it allows you to:
-> Set Alerts!
-> Score yourself.

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….What more can demonstrate his overall and all round qualities than the fact that he was our institution’s “Student of the Year 2000”.

Quratulain Ali

Principal GSIS & PTV Elections Host


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