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Flower Economics


MI5 discovers antidote to senescence and mortality

ID 64440175 © Shelma1 | Dreamstime.com

  • How to make your Girlfriend younger:
  • We need a Unitary Standard Approach [USA] through Metaphysics to achieve this.
  • In this way we can find each one of ours PIN code, based on an analog clock, to fly the planet.


  1. Right hemisphere of clock is +ve.
  2. Left hemisphere of clock is -ve.
  3. TAYLOR SWIFT’s Date of Birth is 13; but this is actually false ~ she, like any other Woman has no origin: but being so busy fighting suffering never had the time for self-analysis and was dispatched by the center of the Cosmos (a locale): called GOD [likely Goddesses Of Destruction: the Singularity Of Femininity] as a Avatar of Sphere of Consciousness – with the word, uttered by HER: “IRRATIONALITY” [13 Letters].
  4. VIA Rail Strike; due to TP rejecting my gripe against DF and OPA – resolved AFTER solving the problem of making Women younger (1 Woman dies of Aging every 2 Seconds).


If I wanted .TAYLOR ALISION SWIFT. to be younger by 9 years [32 to 23]:

  1. Label 47 and 00 on a 2D Circle symbolizing an analog clock, representing 13 (number of letters in the sonic word: “IRRATIONALITY”).
  2. ‘SHE’ is currently 32 this year 2022AD.
  3. 32 can not be cleanly presented on the circle drawn earlier, because it gets cut off at 30.
  4. Therefore, to represent 32; we put a +2 after 00.
  5. 9 Years younger than 32 is 53 from 02 past 00.
  6. Assuming Taylor Swift asks me, why I am always late for ‘HER’ birthday party; I will reply “I am overclocking” to make you younger and since you probably do not hate me – you would like to err on the sight of clemency from GOD (and .YOU.):
  7. So, .YOU. would only expect me to overclock (exercise) 3 minutes out of 7.
  8. Voila! My “Constancy Schedule”: [47 00 03 07 43].


Why 5 Points of a Schedule, such as [47 00 03 07 43]?

  1. ‘TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT’ has 20 protrusions [toes + fingers].
  2. The minimalistic way to count is 5, and max is 20 – for ‘HER’.
  3. If I wanted to make sure ‘SHE’ is independent of I, I would guide ‘HER’ to counting on one Hand.
  4. This also shows man is DEPENDENT on ‘HER’, for man has 21 protrusions – which is reverse of minimalism.


The author’s Constancy in France, the act of observing a Schedule – set the Moskva on fire when two Ukrainian Missiles (finally) made out with it. I flew the planet, my hexagon thereto.


+ 486 PC [“Overclocking” the processors Cache].

+ Matrix Tablet:- “CNBC”:  TAS GOLD // .CNBC.:  TAS my/your // CNBC: GOD // ‘CNBC’: sis TAS // Cnbc: Goddess // cnbc: hero/Goddess

[PDF]: https://flowereconomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/How-to-make-your-Girlfriend-younger.pdf

[JPG]: https://flowereconomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/How-to-make-your-Girlfriend-younger.jpg

[PNG]: https://flowereconomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/How-to-make-your-Girlfriend-younger.png

[DOC]: https://flowereconomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/How-to-make-your-Girlfriend-younger.docx


CIA discovers cure to Cancer

Illustration 59053018 © Cienpies Design / Illustrations | Dreamstime.com

Cancer cure: Telomerase, an enzyme, found in Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) stimulates Telomere regeneration (addition of the code TTAGGG to the 4 edges of a Chromosomal pair_

Excess TTAGGG code causes Cancer; cure to Cancer is CLIPPING excess TTAGGG repeating sequence
from DNA held by Chromosomes_

INSPIRATION: Andrea, Taylor Swift’s mom!

Text: Copyright and related rights waived via CC0, by SALMAN SHUAIB.

Microsoft Edge deploys Anti ADHD tool

Illustration 114833643 / Adhd Cure © Maxkabakov | Dreamstime.com

SUMMARY: Josie Irene Martin, under command of Empress TAYLOR ALISION SWIFT of the flaxen tresses, provides Anti ADHD tool via Microsoft Edge internet browser’s /Read aloud/ utility . Utilize /Enter Immersive Reader [F9]/ to ensure proper function.

– – – Pine Ridge Cemetery.
/Description … Location address: West side of Islington Avenue at Rowntree Road … 2920 Islington Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, USA/
– – Agent: Ants.
– – Power: Anti ADHD ~ in Microsoft Edge browser, if one clicks the A” sound looking type of button in the search bar (where URL is displayed): she is highlighted Continue.....

Eleven – the count necessary to assure an infinitizing army + the MetaFACT programming language

[standards]: As to the count necessary to assure an infinitizing army on the positive side of the horizontal axis: this is 11:-

[mnemonic]: If customer is queen, then you should have only one customer.

[note1]: The following programming language governs one’s TOYSOC [Track Of Your Sphere Of Consciousness] – it is not behind the success or achievements by TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT of the Gold tresses, which predate the founding of this language today [MONDAY 25 JULY 2022AD TORONTO].

//MetaFACT LANGUAGE  ‘#4A2724’:
+ “0” is “OWNER”: @taylorswift13;
+ .1.,.2.,.3.,.4.,.5.,.6.,.7.,.8.,.9. are Executives;
+ tenexclamationmark is audience!

– Pseudocode, also, is the Empress of the Cosmos: matrix:- Taylor Alison Swift of the Gold tresses (twitter.com/taylorswift13).

– The name of the Cosmos (matrix: the observed font) is United States of America. This makes Canada the second largest state of USA on planet Earth.


Centella asiatica and the Time Value of Money

What if an asset had both inherent value and caused you to gain time.

The plant Centella asiatica has inherent value because it requires work to cultivate it.

Yet, unlike any other form of manual or office labour, it does not “cost” time, for it adds time to your life.

Chinese lore has it that the sage Li Ching-Yuen1 used to consume Centella asiatica (Gotu Kola) and lived for 256 years.

You see, Centella asiatica stimulates the body to produce Telomerase – an enzyme, whose discovery won Carol Greider a Nobel in 20092. Telomerase contains a template for adding the repeating code “TTAGGG” to our DNA, that acts like a cellular counter.

Each cell division, the cell loses some of this repeating code ~ called Telomere, present at the edges of Chromosomes. The loss of “TTAGGG” repetitions prevents loss of actual DNA genes during cellular division (aging). Think of Telomeres as cellular sentinels!


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